World Stroke Academy afholder webinar med titlen “How does climate change affect stroke risk?”

24. maj 2024

Webinaret afholdes d. 3 juni 13.00 CEST.

World Stroke Academy skriver følgende om webinaret

Join us for a webinar where we delve into the crucial connection between climate change and stroke risk. In this session, we will investigate the intricate impacts of climate change on stroke occurrence and overall brain health, engage in a compelling case study offering valuable perspectives for clinical practice, and equip stroke clinicians with actionable strategies to effectively mitigate the health repercussions of climate change, empowering them to enhance patient outcomes in the face of this global challenge.

Chair: Prof. Anna Ranta (New Zealand)
Moderator: Dr. Conrado J. Estol (Argentina)

Speakers & Topics:
Identify climate change’s impacts on stroke and brain health – Dr. Yannick Béjot (France)

  • Explore a case study of a patient with climate-related social determinants of health affecting their stroke risk – Dr. Ali Saad (USA)
  • Learn actions stroke clinicians can take to mitigate climate change’s impact on health – Prof. Serefnur Ozturk (Turkey)

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